Friday, May 17, 2013

Exhibition Cebit 2013 Stretcher "Shareconomy"

Cebit information technology fair and the world's largest Telecom back featuring the latest trends and virtual world networks from 70 countries.

"Shareconomy" is the main theme of this year's Cebit exhibition. Share and use the products together. Especially for young people, divide all sorts of via the internet is already commonplace. Starting from the knowledge, experience and music. Through the internet, cars can be rented by the hour, as well as by bicycle. All can be found at the Cebit exhibition.

"Information is the only source that multiply when shared", firm Chairman Frank Pörschmann Cebit exhibition organizers. "That's the essence of what we see in the social networking era of Twitter and Facebook. "

Here's how to share information, contacts and experience. "I refer to it as ' Facebookisasi ' which is also increasingly affecting economic activity. The source of information is easily accessible, so the world economy so it can grow faster and continue to innovate. "

Advantages For Many Parties
Carsharing via smartphone

This development also wants utilized by mobile phone providers. Flat rate to call increasingly cheap and devotees are declining. Providers now have to find other ways to keep the cost advantage.

Vodafone Germany e.g. introduction of innovation. Kuzey Esener company representative explains, "our display models at Cebit carsharing. Customers can search a car with Smartphones, order it with Smartphones and open the car with your smartphone. " Not only that, the modern working world also connected better. Because working in mobile is no longer a rare thing.

Start-ups Technology hasn't been Fullest

Shareconomy is not the only theme of Cebit. Mobile phone applications and cloud computing are still so subject. Specifically related to data storage security issues online in the cloud.

Many of the proposed solutions are coming from the new companies. More than 200 Start-ups from around the world attended in Hannover. In Germany alone, the company Start-ups Technology Informatics has not experienced a boom.

This kind of condition also was criticized by Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel. According to the Chancellor, "this is really the opportunity to support an internet company in advancing its business."

But the situation in Germany shows, that the culture of venture investing in a risky venture, the scope is not sufficiently rooted. Germany is now trying to deal with it by starting the establishment of institutions of capital funding for investment and funds for high-tech company founders

Thursday, May 16, 2013

About Cebit

About Cebit

Here is a simple definition of Cebit Australia:

CeBIT is actually a computer Expo in the world involving many parties, especially the peruhsaahaan of computers all over the world.

The length of the name CeBIT Centrum der Büro is-und Informationstechnik-Centre Office and information technology — and traditionally is part of CeBIT Hanover Fair industrial trade fair, which is held every year. However, in the 1980s the information technology and telecommunications grew to be so great that the exhibition is broken down into separate trade pamerang started in 1986, held four weeks before the Hanover Fair.

Due to the very rapid growth of CeBIT and becomes too large, eventually it was decided to concentrate on the professional market, and household and entertainment market was split into a separate exhibition, CeBIT home, was planned to be held every two years. But, after being held twice (in 1996 and 1998), finally removed.

Since 1999 the CeBIT sponsor Deutsche Messe AG has organized trade fairs outside Germany using the name of CeBIT. CeBIt first held in the United States was held in June 2003.