Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Myths and facts about breast cancer

There are a number of myths about breast cancer that develops among the public, but what about the actual facts?

Disease experts from the Faculty of medicine, University of Indonesia, Ronald a. Hukom, dismissed the myth-motos and convey facts in the Mom2MomTalk event with the theme of support for people with breast cancer, held in Jakarta, Indonesia, Philips Healthcare Tuesday.

Here are some myths and facts about breast cancer:

1. the use of deodorants can cause breast cancer.

"A lot of people who think that the use of deodorant can trigger the onset of breast cancer, but so far there are no reports or evidence of this myth," said Ronald.

2. consume foods that were burned.

Doctor who also worked at the Dharmais Cancer Hospital in Jakarta said, eating food grilled skewers and grilled fish can indeed lead to the occurrence of cancer, yet he insists is not breast cancer, but cancer of the oral cavity, throat, and stomach.

3. women who did not do the risky sexual activity affected by breast cancer.

"That's not true, obviously I can say is that women who do not have children and women who have a baby at the age of 30, is a group of women who are at risk of developing cancer of the breast," said Ronald.

4. use a bra while sleeping.

He stated, as well as the use of deodorant, this myth has no evidence.

5. breast size to affect the risk of breast cancer.

"Some people consider that the great risk of breast size is bigger than small breasts, but no research or a valid report regarding the truth of these myths," he said.

6. Keep your mobile phone in the Pocket Shirt.

Ronald said that store cell phone in Pocket Shirt indeed can cause breast cancer, but it comes from an old type of cell phone because it has a high radiation, not smart phones today.

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